More than 32 million children participate in the National School Lunch Program, and the federal government spends $8.7 billion of our tax dollars each year
on school lunch. Yet what most schools offer students is often not appetizing and only marginally nutritious. Dozens of states and districts have now passed legislation banning sodas, limiting fat content, or increasing nutritional requirements in an attempt to curb the development of obesity by improving the diets of children, but more improvement is necessary.

The USDA has established guidelines for school meals, which may be updated every five to seven years. It allows all sorts of items that are today known to be unhealthy for kids. These include hydrogenated oils(trans fats), hormones, antibiotics, chemicals used for processing, preservatives, artificial flavors, and high-fructose corn syrup and a wide range of other processed sugars.

The Houston School Meals Initiative was created this year in response to the grave meal conditions currently imposed upon Houston Independent School Children. Supporters of the Houston School Meals Initiative have interests in seeing their children receiving fresh, higher quality, and nutritious meals while at school. Please join us in making this possible for all HISD children.

Nutritious Meal or Fast-food Fare with food-like substances?

Chicken Fried Fingers containing MSG with Chocolate fat-free milk, roll and a cookie.

Chicken nuggets containing MSG, hydrogenated oils(trans fats), and aluminum with Chocolate fat-free milk and a cookie.

Hotdog containing mechanically separated turkey, flavorings and nitrates with Low-fat milk, fresh apple and orange slices and a cookie.